Alberto studied Professional and Advertising Photography at the High School of Communication, Image and Sound in Madrid, and afterwards obtained a Master Kodak of Works of Art Reproduction, Master in Submarine Photography and Master in Graphical Design.

    He was the founder of Tropo Studio, a photography studio specialized in Advertising Photography, combining this work with the Photography Reportage and his great passion, the Wildlife Photography. He has also collaborated with different media specialized in the production of texts of Photography and Nature photography.

    He is author of several individual Photography exhibitions like “Crystal Nature” organized in EFTI (Madrid) and “Colour of Nature” in IE University (Segovia). He is also author of the itinerant exhibition “An adventure of 350 million years”, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Entomology (AEE), and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions like “The better 100 photos of the year” organized by AEFONA (Spanish Association of Nature Photographers). On the other hand, he has also collaborated with his photos in the Audiovisuals “Light hunters” and “Natural Tune” edited by AEFONA Professionals Committée.

    Alberto is also author of several books of Wildlife Photography like “Secret sights”, “Spirographis: Habitants of the Mediterranean Sea”, “Photography Notes of the Segovia Pastures”, and also the author of the photographs published in the book “The Landscape roots”.

     His photos have been awarded in important Photography contests like “European Wildlife Photographer of the Year” or EDC Nature” and published in U.S.A., Russia, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Brazil, China, Argentine, Ecuador, Turkey, Australia, Spain, etc.

       Currently, he teaches at different Universities and Specialized Photography Study Centers.

Impression & Feelings 

“Alberto has caught with his camera the most diverse images of the wildlife, from the submarine wildlife, up to the most beautiful corners of the natural landscape. An extensive career in the image world joined his passion for the wildlife, leads him to the accomplishment of images of the » natural world «, looking for motives and points of view different, showing aspects of singular beauty of ours natural environment, which often are happening unnoticed.”

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